My Defining Canadian Moment is:

My video adventure at Killarney Provincial Park

By: Kathryn Knight, Mississauga, Ontario

As a third generation, well travelled, 54 year old Canadian city girl, I ‘m ashamed to say that I have never experienced the grandeur and majesty of my own Canadian landscape.

I felt it was about time to try a new adventure when an opportunity came to help with my daughter’s video/photo shoot with the group NARIA at the end of June 2011.

The first location was the La Cloche Mountains of the Killarney Provincial Park. Our trek began with several hours of driving —many stops at our beloved Timmies—and 2 hours of hiking the La Cloche Trail with our group of 12, all the while carrying generators, camera equipment, food and water, plus costumes and makeup.

Needless to say, the heavy forest was packed full of the June black flies, vigilante mosquitoes and a very cute and curious baby black bear. Not wanting to meet Mama bear, we moved quickly up the steep trail and my stamina was tested with all the rock climbing.

We reached the summit and as you can see in the photograph this rock was the best place for filming “The Witch” video.

My grandiose moment occurred while sitting on at the top of that mountain at dusk, watching the sunset and the incredible NARIA quartet .

The breathtaking scenery and the ruggedness of the landscape truly represented the spirit of our country and the girls wanted to express their appreciation with their version of OH CANADA, suitably attired in red flowing dresses.

I will never forget my trip down the mountain in the approaching darkness, the meadow full of thousands of fireflies and sounds of the forest. My adventures are not over yet but I can truly say that the best adventure was in my own backyard.

Here is the link to OH Canada – NARIA style

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  • Kathwiseowl

    Lovely NARIA  They are truly amazing – what an adventure to film this scene.

  • Michelledanese

    What a great feature for NARIA!! Thank you so much to Kathryn Knight for sharing her wonderful experience with Naria. We love you!

  • Lori Ryan

    O Canada Naria style is truly memorable!!!

  • Rdeancowan

    Sure makes you feel pride in being Canadian. Others choose to be Canadian, God Blessed me by letting me be born here!

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