My Defining Canadian Moment is:

Serving at Expo 67

By: Ron Holmes, Grand Bend, Ontario

My rover crew from Windsor, Ontario, was asked to serve at Expo 67. The photo shows members of our crew along with members from Toronto, and our leader, Glen Rigney. I am in the back row, second from right.

We were given the red jackets (I still have mine) and blue neck kerchiefs to give us a smart uniform look.

Among our duties was raising and lowering the Canadian flag each day.

Given the whole Expo atmosphere of having the world exposition in Canada, that was one of my proudest Canadian moments.

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  • Tom Shanahan

    There is DEFINITELY a noticeable and recognizable Canadian identity. It is our spirit and willingness to be an INCLUSIVE country. We are nor fearful to welcome people from other cultures into the Canadian family. I myself am a product of Irish and Italian immigrants who came to this great land with very very little. My grandchildren have Japanese, Slovanian, French, Irish and Italian heritage……but they identify themselves as Canadian first and foremost. This is the recognizable Canadian identity people around the world identify and THIS is the spirit that draws them to come and live here. Very noticeable indeed !
    Tom  Shanahan
    Pickering, Ontario

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