• Category: Home

    My return to Canada

    The H.M.C.S. Haida had come home. I was seeing Canada for the first time after four years absence.

  • Category: Other

    Canadian army service

    I'd be willing to give my life to defend this country and its values. I am proud of the True North.

  • Category: Travel

    A Day in France

    He paused for a second and then said "Canadians died here."

  • Category: Travel

    Wearing a maple leaf pin in Amsterdam

    Shortly after our arrival, we found ourselves in the midst of a violent student revolt

  • Category: Travel

    Experiencing true appreciation for Canadians in the Netherlands and France

    I thought that my proudest moments were watching two of our athletes win gold

  • Category: Other

    Returning from Kandahar

    I had seen suffering, more pain and blood in 180 days than in 25 years in emergency rooms

  • Category: Other

    The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa

    Canada showed the world what courage is

  • Category: Friends & Family

    Standing at the Vimy Memorial, reading my dad’s diaries

    I was able, four years ago, to go to Vimy and stand almost where he had been

  • Category: Culture

    Learning about Canada in Grade 10 History class

    I was inspired to learn about the way thousands of Canadian soldiers went through the streets of Holland

  • Category: Culture

    Visiting Vimy Ridge with my family

    Vimy’s uniqueness is not about the monument; it is a place that draws hearts and minds

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