• Category: Travel

    Representing Canada

    Delegates from other countries only see us as "The Canadians".

  • Category: Home

    He shoots, he scores!!

    We watched in suspense for 3 hours until Canada and the USA were tied

  • Category: Sports

    The day I carried the torch for the Olympics

    I felt very proud to carry the torch for Canada and also to represent the Aboriginal people of Canada

  • Category: Friends & Family

    Family trip to the Vancouver Olympics

    My kids were on fire as citizens after we returned home!

  • Category: Home

    Bearing the Olympic torch

    Imagine being on stage, holding the Olympic torch, hearing the crowd sing 'O Canada'

  • Category: Culture

    Watching Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies in Seoul

    I was shocked by what I felt as I watched those opening ceremonies

  • Category: Travel

    Singing ‘O Canada’ for the first time outside Canada

    We boarded the flight to Jamaica with our Olympic schedule in hand!

  • Category: Sports

    Olympic Spirit

    It was day 64 of the Olympic torch relay and the race for the 2012 Winter Olympics was in full swing

  • Category: Culture

    The last seconds of the men’s hockey final in the 2010 Olympics

    When that final goal was scored there was a moment of complete and utter silence in downtown

  • Category: Sports

    Coming together to cheer for Team Canada

    Each of us in that room was an immigrant or son of an immigrant

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