• Category: Sports

    The day I carried the torch for the Olympics

    I felt very proud to carry the torch for Canada and also to represent the Aboriginal people of Canada

  • Category: Home

    Bearing the Olympic torch

    Imagine being on stage, holding the Olympic torch, hearing the crowd sing 'O Canada'

  • Category: Sports

    Olympic Spirit

    It was day 64 of the Olympic torch relay and the race for the 2012 Winter Olympics was in full swing

  • Category: Friends & Family

    The day the Olympic Torch came to Douglas, Ontario

    The weather was cool and snowy, which provided the perfect backdrop for the sea of red scarves

  • Category: Friends & Family

    When Wayne Gretzky carried the Olympic torch Vancouver

    We were all guessing who it would be bring in the flameā€”then we all saw Wayne

  • Category: Sports

    The day my daughter carried the Olympic torch

    She was small but athletic, and we made her a mock-torch to carry as she practiced every day...

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