• Category: Other

    The tribute to the Unknown Soldier

    There aren't any words to describe the impact that day had on my life.

  • Category: Travel

    Experiencing true appreciation for Canadians in the Netherlands and France

    I thought that my proudest moments were watching two of our athletes win gold

  • Category: Friends & Family

    Standing at the Vimy Memorial, reading my dad’s diaries

    I was able, four years ago, to go to Vimy and stand almost where he had been

  • Category: Culture

    Visiting Vimy Ridge with my family

    Vimy’s uniqueness is not about the monument; it is a place that draws hearts and minds

  • Category: Travel

    Standing on the hallowed ground of Vimy Ridge

    It felt so damn good to be a Canadian standing on that extraordinarily lonely piece of ground

  • Category: Other

    When I visited Vimy Ridge

    It must be statutory to keep that part of France Canadian for our children

  • Category: Travel

    Standing on the Vimy Ridge monument

    Standing there before the monument, about which I had known since I was a child, was nerve tingling

  • Category: Travel

    Visiting the Vimy Ridge Monument in person

    No picture could truly prepare us for the grandeur of Vimy

  • Category: Culture

    Seeing the Vimy Ridge Memorial

    It took traveling to a country that is half-way across the world to realize just how lucky we are to be Canadian

  • Category: Travel

    Visiting the Vimy Memorial

    Before that victory, they defined themselves by country of origin; afterwards, as Canadian

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